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Monday, 24 May 2010

A Little Monkey Business

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Today I begin an exciting new challenge. A start-up business. Am I mad?

Perhaps ... mad about animals? I am indeed.

Small pet boarding is my new venture. Follow me, my resident pets and my guests who stay over.

By business is called, Pets Stay Over.


  1. Looks like I'll be the first to say "Best wishes with your new endeavor!!"

    (Well, at least it looks like I'm the "first to say it here.")

    p.s. I love the monkey pic!

  2. Sounds like fun and loads of work too!

  3. Cute photo of the monkey. This sounds like a fun business to run. I wish you lived in my town so my Daisy would have a nice place to stay when we're away.
    Good luck with the new business.

  4. wow, miss coolness...luck and love in your venture...may you be madly and wildly successful. thanks for your recent comments, how i do wish we could have a drink together at the pub! so you will be staying in scotland after all? love, angelstar

  5. j.m. need: Indeed you are the first!!!! Thank you so much! :)

    LL Cool Joe: So true, what was I thinking - I'd forgotten about the work part and was looking at the fun. Thank you.

    Janie: Thank you and I hope I will have many Daisy's to care for.

    Angel-Star: Hey we can always have a virtual drink together ... ye? Though you are right, not the same as the pub ... ahhh.